July 23, 2014

My Mother's Quilt

My mother did a lot of sewing, but I only remember her working on one quilt.  In the early 1960s, when I was a small boy, I can remember her doing applique and embroidery on this top.  She put it away unfinished for a long time.  When she was diagnosed with terminal cancer in the mid '70s, she got it back out and tried to finish it.

She was unable to complete it, though.  After her death, my mother's sister finished the small amount of remaining applique and embroidery, and my father's aunt quilted it.

This quilt was from a kit, with the designs pre-stamped on the fabric.  I don't have any other information about it; if anyone knows where it might have originated, please let me know.

My father used it on his bed for a few years.  I could find one worn spot on it, and it has a couple of small stains.  It is stored in my closet now as one of my prized possessions.