August 18, 2015

Auditioning borders

I'm making good progress on my Broken Star quilt.  The main part is assembled (with lots of Y seams!), and I am almost ready to add the borders.

My original plan for the borders was a 1.5-inch (finished) inner border of the background fabric, followed by a 1-inch border of scrap diamond strips, another strip of the background at 1 inch, then an outer 6-inch border of a linen fabric.

To audition this idea, I spread the top out on the floor and placed cut strips along one corner, overlapping the strips where possible to reveal the finished width.  I tried a few arrangements and took photos of each.

Here's the original idea (or as close as I could get; the outer background strip would finish narrower):

I think the inner border might be a little wide at 1.5 inches.  Here it is at 0.75 inches:

Or I could eliminate the inner background strip altogether:

Here's another approach.  Not sure I care for this one.

Or I could go even simpler.  There are a couple of drawbacks to this one, though.  I'd need to buy more of the linen fabric to get the width I want, and I'd have to sew with a 1/4 inch seam (I'd prefer 1/2 inch for linen).

I have a preference already, but I won't reveal it just yet.  What do you think?

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