June 20, 2019

Jackass Blues

Last year our local guild held a challenge called "Stitchin' the Blues."  I made a quilt for that challenge, and as I was brainstorming names for that quilt, I recalled an old blues song titled "Jackass Blues."  I didn't want to use that name for my challenge quilt, but it did bring to mind a photo I had taken a few years ago -- and the idea for another quilt was born.

I drafted a pattern from my photo using Photoshop, and used raw-edged appliqué for the donkey and barn.  The background is pieced using improv curves.

I scanned the music for the song to create custom-printed fabrics for the background.

It took a couple of iterations to get the color right.  I used the rejects on the back, along with a full fat quarter as a label.

The fabrics used in the appliqué, and the binding, are mostly from Regency Ballycastle by Christopher Wilson-Tate.

The song "Jackass Blues" was written by Art Kassel and Mel Stitzel in 1926.  Here's a link to a recent version by Tuba Skinny, and here is a link to Joe "King" Oliver's version with vocals.

(My original challenge quilt can be seen near the end of this post -- along with a hint about this quilt.)