June 26, 2022

For Taylor and Noah

 Our son Noah and his bride Taylor were married last Friday.

I made a quilt for them using colors found in their registry. A double wedding ring design seemed a natural; the color placement was inspired by a small graphic icon I saw online. I tried to keep it clean and simple based on my impression of what they might like.

The fabrics are Michael Miller Cotton Couture in Soft White, Ice Blue, and Delft.

I quilted a monogram in the center of the quilt. We were pleasantly surprised to see a similarity with the wedding cake -- this was totally unplanned.

I tried to quilt some large designs in the background. The intended diamond does not show as well as I'd like; I think parallel lines would have been a better fill.

The backing is a Mammoth Flannel plaid. The batting is Dream Wool; I'm hoping this is a warm, snuggly quilt.

We are very happy and proud for Noah and Taylor as they start their life together, and wish them much happiness.

June 8, 2022

A Yellowstone quilt

I used a set of Yellowstone National Park panels and added some of my own photos printed on fabric to create this quilt.

I had the photos printed at Spoonflower. The solids are various yarn dyes and cross weaves.

The backing is Mammoth flannel, and I used wool batting. This should be a warm quilt.

Here are individual views of each panel:

The hanging sleeve uses the same flannel fabric as the backing. When making the sleeve, I was concerned the creases might not hold well, so I marked the center line before folding in to meet it, then I stitched down the outer creases not far from the edge. I could have used a basting stitch for this step and removed them later, but I chose to leave the stitches in as sort of a topstitch. It seemed helpful when hand stitching the sleeve to the quilt, too.

I like the weight the flannel backing gives to the quilt, and the plaid seems fitting to the National Parks theme. I've used Mammoth flannel as the backing of each of my National Parks quilts.

February 15, 2022

A special memory t-shirt quilt

I sang in choir with Joe Z for about 30 years. Sadly, Joe passed away in 2019. His widow approached me to make a quilt using t-shirts from the choir's Christmas programs.

She wanted the quilt to be king size, but did not have a large number of shirts. I suggested alternating hourglass blocks; we also included a couple of photos which were digitally printed at Spoonflower, and added a wide border. The quilt is 110 inches square.

Here's a photo of the Living Christmas Tree from First Baptist Church in Huntsville, as incorporated in the quilt. I'm in this photo somewhere, as is Joe.

This was a large, heavy quilt. I had it longarm quilted by Sweet Home Quilting.

Appropriately, the backing has both Christmas trees and music notes.

This was a Christmas gift for the couple's daughter. I hope it brings the family many good memories.