August 19, 2016

"Vintage Made Modern" mini

I was given a 22-piece charm pack of Amy Barickman's Vintage Made Modern fabric, and decided to make a small quilt to feature the designs.

I am sure I am not the first to make this type of design, but I did sketch it out and do the math on my own.  It is almost certainly a derivative design, but of what I don't know.  The size is roughly 24 inches by 30 inches.

Here is a detail of the quilting.  I used a hooked scroll design in all the larger squares, and a curved cross-hatch in all the smaller squares.

I added triangle pockets in the back upper corners to hold a dowel for hanging, and included a couple of twill tape loops near the center to avoid sags.

The piecing was mostly done as leaders and enders, so this was almost a "free" project.  Not sure yet what I will do with it.

August 12, 2016

Denim & Linen Super Tote

I've completed another Super Tote; this one is a gift for my wife.  This bag uses several denim fabrics from Art Gallery Fabrics, plus a Color Daze linen stripe.

The lining fabric is from Asuka by Dear Stella.

I followed the pattern for the most part.  I replaced one of the interior elastic pockets with a zippered pocket, and added a key fob.

I used Soft and Stable to interface the exterior A and B pieces.  This is the same interfacing I used for my daughter's bag, but for that bag I also interfaced and quilted the front pocket.  This bag has only a lined linen exterior pocket, which leaves it a little more floppy than the first bag.

I found the buttons at a local quilt shop.  I don't recall where I first saw buttons added to a Super Tote like this, but they are certainly a derivative idea.

Two of the AGF denims are wonderful lighter-weight fabrics.  For the gusset and handles, I used AGF's Bluebottle Texture Denim, which is much heavier (but equally wonderful).  I used one layer of fusible woven interfacing for the gusset, although it probably was not necessary.

The zippers are from Zipit.

My wife stumbled across these photos on the computer, and from her reaction I think she is going to like this bag.