October 12, 2015


Our local guild, the Heritage Quilters of Huntsville, held its biennial Fanfare Quilt Show this past weekend.  Here is the view as you enter the hall:

Yes, that is my "Ode to Joy" quilt, front and center! ***Best of Show!!!***

This was quite a surprise!  There was a lot of talent represented in this great show.

I was happy to learn that the judge recognized some of the musical references in the quilt.  I heard that she even sang the tune represented by the music notes for some guild members in a walk-through Thursday night.

I had four quilts in the show, and received a couple of honorable mentions in addition to the award above.

My "New Star Rising" quilt was entered in the "First HQH Fanfare Quilt" category:

"Peach Kaleidoscope" was entered in the "one maker, extra large, pieced" category:

And "Pickled Leftovers" was entered in the "small, pieced" category:

I wish I had a photo of all the folks taking my photo when we arrived Saturday morning.

This was a great experience, and I appreciate all the hard work by our guild members in putting together this show.


  1. Bravo!! It's good to see these quilts again! Each one is special in it's own way. Your work is amazing.

  2. I love looking at your gorgeous quilts!
    Best of Show for Ode to Joy is no surprise. 8)

  3. Congratulations! Your quilts are wonderful. Ode to Joy says it all! Looking forward to seeing your next creation.

  4. All of your quilts are amazing, Ben! Congrats!

  5. Congratulations, and I *love* your quilts -- all of them made me stop for a second look. Well done, and I look forward to meeting you at a meeting sometime. :)

  6. Congratulations -- this is such an awesome quilt and the award is well-deserved! Glad to hear the judge had musical knowledge and "got" the quilt!

  7. Congratulations - they are all fabulous quilts. I specially like Ode to Joy and New Star Rising.

  8. 'Ode To Joy' is amazing and congratulations! The detail throughout, the quilting...the music notes...perfect! Our guild has a project that requires me to make music notes, so this will be a great reference for me!