May 26, 2017

Dreamweaver quilt

This quilt began with a design roll of Parson Gray Shaman fabric, which was a gift.  The strips in the roll were sorted by warm and cool colors, so I sought out a pattern to take advantage of this grouping.  The color groups can be seen in the swirls at the top of the roll in this photo:

The "Dreamweaver" pattern by Gudrun Erla, from her book Strip Your Stash, seemed like a good choice.  I chose a couple of Art Gallery Smooth Denims for the background and feature fabrics; I also supplemented the design roll with strips from my scrap bin, substituting for some of the duplicated fabrics in the roll.

The original quilt in the book uses a more controlled color scheme; the interlocking squares are less evident in my quilt, but I still like the overall look.

The denims have a subtle directionality due to the nature of the weave.  Normally I would try to keep all the pieces oriented the same, but that was not possible here.  The blocks are based on strip piecing, and the blocks are placed with various rotations.  I did keep the orientation consistent within each block, which results in some interesting contrasts at the intersections of the blocks.

I kept the quilting relatively simple, with orange peels/dogwoods/continuous curves in the background, and a simple echo in the strips.

I tried a new spot for photographing this quilt -- our backyard storage shed.  It's not an ideal spot; the lighting reflected from the foliage results in uneven color shifts.  However, I was able to hang and photograph it without helpers.  (I used old sewing machine needles to hang the quilt.)

The back uses one of the fabrics from the Shaman line.  I chose this fabric because of how well it coordinates with the gray denim used for background and binding, and also because I found a good sale price.

Here is a view showing front and back together.

I'm linking up with crazy mom quilts for Finish It Up Friday.


  1. I love a quilt that makes you stop and look to see the design. What an excellent rendition of this quilt pattern!

  2. Great job, love the various fabrics. I'm on the hunt for a masculine quilt for my son and this one will be added to my list of possibilities. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a great design - I love your quilt!!

  4. Beautiful! It looks like it was meant for that shed! (And thanks for the tip about old sewing machine needles... what a great idea!)

  5. Your quilt looks amazing against the shed! And, i personally love your version of this design. It's controlled yet scrappy. The intertwined boxes are still recognizable !

  6. What a fabulous quilt! I especially love the denim you chose for the makes the colors pop and the entire quilt looks very inviting. I think I'm going to need that book. :)