September 26, 2023

Kiwi Peel

 Introducing Kiwi Peel.

This quilt uses the same template shapes used in my Corona Wedding Dish quilt.  While that quilt used paper piecing for the melons, this time I had new laser-cut acrylic templates made for the melons, to go with the original templates for the centers. (Apologies for the poor photo.)

These shapes were originally inspired by an upholstery fabric.

For fabrics, I used a selection of cool(ish) colors from Alison Glass's Kaleidoscope yarn dyes. These colors were chosen in part to make use of leftovers from my Cosmic Curves quilt.

The backing is a print by e bond.

The quilting is all straight lines, 1/2 inch apart.  The green-centered circles are quilted with near-horizontal lines, randomly tilted between blocks, while blue-centered circles have near-vertical quilting.  This results in crosshatching in the melons.  I matched thread colors to the centers, without regard to the colors of the melons, so there are two thread colors in each crosshatched melon.

As I was assembling blocks together, I became concerned about being able to bind the deep inside corners. I decided to add small fillets to simplify the binding.

This idea for fillets was somewhat inspired by an old DWR quilt that was among my Dad's possessions. (I'm not sure of the origin of this quilt.)

More photos:

Now that I have a full template set, you're likely to see more quilts from me using these shapes.

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