August 11, 2014

A Pastoral Gift

Our pastor for the past 12 years recently retired, after 35 years of ministerial service.  In appreciation for what he and his wife have meant to our family, I made this mini-quilt for them.

The design is based on our church's logo:

I scanned the logo and "traced" it in Photoshop to draft a pattern.  I used paper piecing for the "stained glass" sections.  To achieve this, I straightened the gentle curves in those areas.  The background sections required curved piecing.  The inner curves were pretty tight; I figure if I can do those, I should be ready to start a pickle dish quilt.

The background fabric is Cotton Couture in Teal.  The "glass" pieces are all Kona solids: Chartreuse, Lime, Ivy, Turquoise, and (I think) Lagoon and Caribbean

Here's the back:

I signed it in the upper left, along with a note (I've cloned that part out).  I included a dowel which slips into the triangular pockets for hanging.  The backing fabric has a little bit of significance which I expect our pastor will recognize. 
My wife and I presented the gift to them yesterday at a retirement celebration.  We will miss them, as they are moving to a different state, but we wish them well in their next venture.