August 21, 2014

Twin Rocket Age Quilts

When I first saw Riley Blake's "Rocket Age" fabrics in the coming-soon section of some online shops, I knew I wanted to make use of it.  I decided to use the Lullaby Lane quilt pattern by Sassafras Lane Designs to make a quilt for a baby boy, without a particular recipient in  mind.  I was undecided as to exactly which prints and solids I wanted to use, so I ordered some alternatives too.  I pieced a top together up to the point of needing the applique, and set it aside.

Then twin boys came along, and I realized I had enough fabric to make two quilts.

The first quilt uses Kona Windsor as the solid sashing, with a blue stripe from Henley Studio as the applique background, and a solid red binding:

The other quilt uses Kona Orange for the sashing, a Rocket Age stripe for the applique background, and the Henley Studio blue stripe for binding:

I really like that stripe as binding; here's a detail shot showing some of the backing fabric too:

For the applique, instead of the blanket stitch I typically use, I opted for a sketch stitch.  I felt it was in keeping with the comic book style of the prints.  I made a pattern for the rocket by scanning the fabric and modifying one of the rocket shapes in Photoshop.

I did trapunto under the rockets, but I waited until after completing the background quilting to fuse the letters to the top, to have less starts and stops in the quilting.  I did spiral quilting for the first quilt, marking the first rounds and quilting with free motion, then using a walking foot to complete the larger rounds.  (See the top photo above.)

The other quilt is quilted in straight lines in a chevron shape; the inner section has lines 1/2 inch apart, while the outer lines are 1 inch apart.

I really like the comic book ads print used on the back.  I think I remember some of those ads from my comic books years ago.


I hope these baby boys enjoy their quilts!
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  1. Cool photoshoot for you fun quilts.

    1. Thanks so much! The location seemed a natural fit.

  2. These are very cute. I also love that line of cute for boys!

  3. I have always loved that quilt pattern, and those fabrics look so good with it! Too cute, I love the colors :)

  4. Oh wow, awesome boys quilts! You did a fantastic job on them - CONGRATS!

  5. Totally awesome! And how cool to have that setting as a background!!

  6. Those are really cute! Lucky boys!

  7. Great job, very nice quilts indeed!

  8. Those are great prints and colours for a couple of lucky baby boys. Love the applique and especially the unique quilting on each. Both are great quilts, Ben. And what an incredible photo shoot!

  9. Lucky babies! Your quilts are absolutely perfect. Well done! Your photo locale is an excellent fit, too.

  10. I came across your quilt picture at the Space and Rocket Center on Pintrest and had to "find" you. I too am a quilter in Huntsville. Love the backdrop for your quilts and actually all of your stuff. Keep up the good work!