January 14, 2015

Pickle Dish Progress

I've been busy paper-piecing arcs for a pickle dish quilt.

I need a total of 96 arcs; I've completed a little more than half that amount so far.

I've been piecing them together assembly-line style, working in sets of 8.  I've been surprised at how quickly they are coming together.  I can usually finish a set of 8 in an evening's sewing time.  I cut plenty of rectangles in advance (too many, to be honest), and it is easy to get in a rhythm of sewing, pressing, and trimming.

The pattern (from Kaffe Fassett's Quilt Romance) strongly suggests using a design wall to plan out the quilt layout, so a couple of months ago I made a few 4'x4' portable design wall sections.  (They are "portable" because I don't have enough wall space to hang them.)  But when I went to play around with my new arcs, I realized the foundation paper prevents them from sticking to the wall.  So I guess I'll be planning my layout on the floor, then pinning them to the wall to keep them organized.

I'm glad the arcs are coming together quickly.  I imagine the next steps -- piecing the curves and removing the papers -- will be more tedious.

I'm linking up with Lee for WIP Wednesday.


  1. A Pickle Dish! One I want to do too! Your fabric choices are so happy! Well done and after making a Double Wedding Ring, I appreciate all the prep and sewing time invested in something like this! Bravo!

  2. Your arcs are looking so tidy, and your color selections play well together.

  3. I love your fabric choices. They are so bright and fun!

  4. I love your "pickles" lol! I don't know why I haven't begun one--I admire them whenever I see them...have to hold myself to finishing though for now...hugs, Julierose

  5. Oh! I love those pickle dishes!

  6. Your pickle dish arcs are looking really great... and lots of work I can see that! But it will look stunning when you get it all together I'm sure! Linda