September 2, 2015


I've sewn the inner borders to my Broken Star quilt (I chose option B), and was looking forward to adding the final border, when I made an error of judgment.

My plan was to fussy-cut the linen fabric below for this last border so that it had 4 "stars" across plus 1/2-inch seam allowances.  But it turns out the design was not printed straight across the width of the fabric.  The top strip in the image below is the result of attempting the fussy cut -- you can see how much bow is in the strip by comparing it to the lines on the cutting mat.

I figured I'd just have to cut with the grain of the fabric, ignoring the printed design.  The bottom strip shows two resulting cuts joined end-to-end.  I'm afraid the skew in the design would be too distracting if I were to use this.  I cut up my full length of fabric this way, too.

Of course, after cutting it all up, a possible solution occurred to me.  I think it might work to cut strips from the length of the fabric, instead of across the width.  I've ordered more fabric (luckily it was still available), so we'll see how that goes.

I'm linking up with Lee for WIP Wednesday.

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  1. I always cut borders lengthwise, since lengthwise is less stretchy than widthwise. (I think that was one of the things my quilting Grandmas taught me.)
    I'm glad you could find more of the fabric - it's so perfect for the border.