March 4, 2017

Quiltcon 2017 -- part 2

More photos from Quiltcon.  I'll start with a set that all have a sense of illusion to them.

"Vertigo" by Elaine Poplin
Third place, Piecing

"i Spy" by Cassandra Beaver

Trivia question -- what do the previous two quilts have in common (other than the fact that I have met both makers)?

"Hyperspeed" by Amy Ellis
(Nine-patch Challenge)

"ViewPoint" by Shruti Dandekar
(Small Quilts)

"Dimension" by Nydia Kehnle; quilted by Gina Pina
(Minimalist Design)

 "Mod Blocks 2.0" by Betsy Vinegrad
Third Place, Minimalist Design

 "Handcrafted" by Jennifer Johnston

"Housetop in Black and White" by Kathleen Robertson

"Reflective Windows"
(Quilt Design a Day) 
[My photo of the info card is blurry; can anyone identify the maker for me?]

"Transparency Quilt 1" by Melissa Everett
(Use of Negative Space)

"Ocean Waves" by Kristi Schroeder; quilted by Melissa Eubanks
(Modern Traditionalism)

There were three quilts in the show which played with transparency effects and churn dash blocks.  It was interesting to see three takes on a similar idea -- and they also reminded me of a certain star-based transparency quilt. :)

 "Quiltcon Charity Quilt Challenge 2017" by the Austin Modern Quilt Guild
(Charity Quilt Challenge)

 Detail of  "Quiltcon Charity Quilt Challenge 2017" by the Austin Modern Quilt Guild

"Blellow" by Jessie Womble; quilted by Teresa Silva
(Nine-patch Challenge)

"Churn Dash Hug" by the Ottowa Modern Quilt Guild
(Charity Quilt Challenge)

More to come...

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  1. Amazing grouping, the transparency effects are so interesting.