March 4, 2017

Quiltcon 2017 - part 3

More photos of some of my favorites from Quiltcon.  This is a color-themed set.

"Blue Blue Electric Blue" by Ara Jane Olufson et al.
Second Place, Group or Bee Quilts

"Asterism" by Daniel Rouse



"Yay or Nay" by Debra Jeske

"Gradient in Denim" by Mathew Boudreaux
(Minimalist Design)

 "Relocation" by Season Evans
(Minimalist Design)

"Autumn Hours" by Daisy Ashehoug
Third Place, Modern Traditionalism

 "Beacon" by Yvonne Fuchs
(Minimalist Design)


 "Waiting for Sanity" by Kristin Shields
(Modern Traditionalism)
Judge's Choice

"Serenity" by Stephanie Skardal

 "Odd Man Out" by Jennifer Rodriguez

"Business Attire" by Sherri Lynn Wood
(Use of Negative Space)

And on to something quite different...

I saw this fantastic fussy-cut star quilt in Victoria Findlay Wolfe's booth. It was a great pleasure to meet Victoria, and we had a fun chat.

I have more quilt photos from the show to share; I'm hoping to fit them all into the next post!

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