April 11, 2021

An Auburn "AU" quilt

As a graduate of Auburn University, and with my son currently enrolled, I decided to make an Auburn-themed quilt.

The entire quilt is made up of 6-inch squares.  I scaled up the logo using computer software and overlaid a grid; each square of the grid was then made into a paper-piecing pattern.

The border is also broken up into 6-inch squares; the orange stripe is 4 inches wide, and the navy and white stripes are each 1 inch wide.

For the backing I used Mammoth flannel.  The batting is wool, so this is a warm and cozy quilt.

The binding is a navy woven stripe.

I sized the quilt to fit on our son's bed.  I made matching pillow shams using an adapted version of this tutorial.

I also made a throw pillow using the backing flannel fabric, and quilted it by following the lines of the plaid.

For the quilt, I quilted a cross-hatch in the orange areas, beads in the white strips, and a spiral design in the background.

Believe it or not, my quilt was inspired by this improv quilt.  I originally considered using a similar improv technique for the AU logo, but in the end I chickened out and went with a more direct representation.  I'm not sure the improv approach would have worked well for a relatively simple image such as this logo.

Originally I had hoped to have this quilt completed in time for late fall football games, but when COVID changed everything I decided to take my time with this quilt. Maybe we'll be able to attend a game or two this year (our son's senior year).

War Eagle!


  1. Wow! This is terrific. Just love everything about this beautiful quilt!

  2. That quilting is amazing!!

  3. What a fabulous quilt!! I wanted to go to Auburn (until I fell in love with the campus of UGA.)

  4. I was awestruck with the ingenious idea of incorporating a computer to crate then scribe the template on to a paper pattern, creating a precisioned design that is breathtaking. The community is applauding your creation, diligence, and cognitive resolve (ie. to be able to take a skill and use it towards another project). I hope if downtime permits, use it to quilt and provide you peace. Thank you for sharing your work, it excited my day!